About us

Our mission is to use large scale genetics and genomics to discover novel mechanisms in human disease to drive equity in health and society.

What we do

We study genetic variation within the human population – variation made by nature – and how this shapes differences in human biology. We are interested in finding new disease genes, as well as hidden subtypes of diseases.

Why we do it

We have a strong focus on women’s health to help drive equity in health. We see some of the greatest opportunities in areas of biology underlying female reproduction, as well as heart and brain disorders. We focus on endometriosis and pain as almost everything remains to be discovered about this disease and the associated mechanisms.

How we do it

We work within three themes to develop personalized medicine

🧬 Identifying novel genes

🎯 Understaning the implicated genes and mechanisms

🩺 Developing prediction tools that can benefit patients

We have a strong focus on women’s reproductive health to drive equity in health and society