We believe an understanding of genetics in complex diseases is greatly needed within broader society, to allow people to make the right choices in the new world of personalized medicine. We would like to contribute to that.

We have been to Sydney in November 2022 as expert wittnesses in the enquiry of Kathleen Folbigg. Read here how our new data – called explosive new evidence – have impacted the Folbigg case

We contribute with talks and presentations at FolkeUniversitetet. We do this to share the amazing world of genetics with a broader audience, and to increase the awareness and understanding of what genetics can – and cannot do. Photo: Martin Bubandt. From FolkeUniversitetets Spring catalog 2022.

In 2021, Femina brought an article about the project FEMaLe Finding Endometriosis using Machine Learning. The project has received funding from the European Union H2020, which is the first time a large research grant has been given to endometriosis research in Denmark ever.

A livestream event on Facebook arranged by the Danish Endometriosis Patient Society, where we presented the research carried out in the FEMaLe project.