Team Members

Mette Nyegaard, PhD, Professor

Genome researcher
Biobank and laboratory responsible

Expertise in genetics and genomics. Has more than 25 years experience in linking genetic variation to phenotype for both rare and common complex diseases. Has a long-standing interest in womens reproductive health. Leading the Danish contribution to the largest genome-wide association analysis of endometriois to date.

Phone: +45 22313602

Palle Duun Rohde, PhD, Postdoc

Statistical geneticist.

Expertise in risk prediction of complex traits using polygenic risk scores and proteomics. Has authored the R-package qgg for efficient processing of large-scale genetic and phenotypic data. Supervising multiple student projects related to large scale data analysis.

Phone: +45 2347 1197

Steffan Noe Christiansen, PhD, Postdoc

Computational biologist.

Expertise within epigenetics and sudden cardiac death.
Leading our work on calmodulins role in heart and brain.
Supervising student groups in transcript analysis.

Phone: +45 2840 7152

Lisette Kogelman, PhD, Associate Professor

Computational biologist with expertise in Omics.

Lisette will be working on our projects within womens reproductive health, including endometriosis and pregnancy loss.

Phone: – coming –

Faezeh Darki, PhD student

Biologist with interest in female reproductive health

Has master degree from Iran.
Works on functional genomics of endometriosis, including establishing a biobank with tissue from endometriosis surgeries and setting up spatial transcriptomics.

Phone: +45 5016 8700

Peter Loof Møller, PhD student

Computational biologist with expertise in sequencing data.

Works on risk predicition of heart disease using a combination of polygenic risk scores and proteomics by emplying machine learning.

Phone: +45 3144 3256